Fertility Care of Orange County


We safely made it through 2020 and aim to maintain that status for 2021.

We are open in limited-capacity mode (about 50%), which means we are limiting the number of new-patient appointments and new treatment cycle starts. This is to accommodate the extra steps required to respond to Covid. Once you are established as a patient and once we begin a treatment, everything is full-speed ahead for you.

NEW PATIENTS: If you are comfortable delaying getting pregnant for another six months, feel free to check back at that time. You may also call now to reserve an appointment ahead of time. If you feel your situation is urgent, we will fit you in as soon as possible. Please contact us today.

IUI CYCLES: All established patients are eligible for IUI cycle starts.

IVF CYCLES: All established patients are eligible for for IVF cycle starts.

Updates will be posted here. Call us for more details concerning your own case.

All IVF patients are Covid tested the week before their egg retrieval with PCR testing.

Staff members documented positive to date: 0
Staff members with positive symptoms: 0
Patients documented positive to date: 17. (None of the patients were in our facilities in the 2-day period prior to nor the 2-week period after their positive test)

Recently updated 20 MAR 2021

We perform safety protocols according to Orange County guidelines. Our objectives are to keep patients and their future babies safe, while complying with the steps needed to be allowed to stay essential and working. Visiting patients are asked to please wear a shield or mask.


Telemedicine (via Facetime or Zoom) is available for new-patient consultations.