Fertility Care of Orange County

I need to enlist the help of a gestational carrier (surrogate)

Despite the complexity involved in a surrogacy cycle, bringing home a baby with the assistance of a gestational carrier is one of the higher-success-rate projects in medicine.

If you will choose a good program and discuss things in advance with a good experienced doctor before you even start, you can be prepared to face and overcome the many potential unexpected challenges that can come up.

Our track record supports that the transfer of a single euploid embryo will bring home a health baby 70-80% of the time.

How are we creating the embryos?
How are we finding a suitable surrogate candidate?
How can we coordinate each step, both medically and legally?

These are some of the steps involved. For some, we will solve them directly. For others, we will guide you to outsource that task to a trusted party.

If you have been told you absolutely need a surrogate, or if you are exploring working with a surrogate for elective reasons, we will help you in all the decisions. Then when you say the word GO, we will carry out the steps necessary to bring home a baby as expeditiously, safely and economically as we can.

If are ready now to move forward, we are ready.

If you have some questions before taking the first step, please contact us as well.