Fertility Care of Orange County

I would like to get pregnant quickly

Many patients request doing the bare minimum, trying the easiest, most conservative way to get pregnant before moving on to something stronger.

Not everyone thinks this way. There are an increasing number of patients who just want to go straight to the option that will bring home a baby the fastest without trying simpler, less expensive ways first.

In these cases, the best way is to go straight to IVF. The success of IVF depends a lot on how many eggs can be collected. About 10-30% of eggs produce chromosomally-perfect embryos. Transferring a single one of these embryos will bring home a baby about 60-80% of the time.

For these patients, we make sure to remind them of the cheaper, more conservative options. We discuss the pros and cons of trying those vs going straight to IVF. After this is done, some patients still stick to the original plan of IVF. Others will opt for what we call an “aggressive IUI cycle”, one with a lot of eggs, where twins is a definite possibility and even triplets is a remote possibility. Many will get pregnant. Those who don’t then move on to IVF.

If your thinking is to go with whatever will bring home a baby the fastest, contact us and we can get started.