Fertility Care of Orange County

I’m a single woman or in an LGBTQ relationship

If your only barrier to having a healthy baby is the lack of a source of healthy sperm, then your goal may be super easy to achieve.

For female-female couples, or for single women who wish to conceive on their own, the process of intrauterine insemination with donor sperm yields success rates equal to or better as compared to if they were to somehow try non-medically.

The first step is to get a good estimate of how fertile the intended mother is, based on clues like age, ultrasound, blood tests and previous reproductive track record, if any.
Then we collectively will make the decision of how aggressive to start out. Starting out more aggressively makes things happen faster and with a higher success rate, but risks a higher chance of twins. Starting out more conservatively reduces the risk of doing more than was necessary.

We can assist with the initial evaluation.
We can answer questions about the process.
We can assist with choosing a sperm donor.
We can time the delivery of the sperm at the optimal time.

Even if you have already done your homework diligently, our discussion can help you find questions and options you may not have been aware of.

Many cases can achieve success using donor sperm insemination without having to go to IVF. The success rate from clinic to clinic may or may not be that different, as this is a relatively basic procedure.

However, if you end up needing IVF, we invite you to look at the CDC NASS website to verify our success rates.

If you are ready to begin, or if you have any questions, please contact us now.