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I’m interested in learning more about egg freezing

You do not want a child right now.
You are sure you want a child in the future.

If this describes your current thinking, then it’s worthwhile to consider freezing eggs.

If egg freezing cost $500 and took 15 minutes of your time, then it would be a slam dunk decision. However, the truth is that it costs closer to $20000 and it takes 2 weeks ( about five short office visits plus one outpatient medical procedure ) to complete. That makes it a much harder decision.

One huge determinant of how valuable it would be for you to have eggs saved up is to consider what age you will be when you are ready to stop having children. For example, if you end up ready for your first child at age 38, well it’s very possible that you’ll be able to achieve that without medical help. But after you carry your first baby for 9 months and recover post-partum, you’ll be close to 40 when ready to try for a second child. True, you might still pull off successfully doing it on your own, but there is also quite a risk that it will be too late.

Having frozen eggs is even more precious if you find yourself not yet ready for your first child until after the age of 40.

Our embryology lab team has a long track record of freezing eggs, thawing them and conceiving healthy children with them. (As of today in Jan 2021, the statistics are being internally audited and will be ready to share shortly. Feel free to check back later. )

Our clinical team have extensive experience holding your hand and guiding you through this process. We can also help you decide if this is for you. It depends a lot on your current age and situation. Fertility does not appreciably decline with age until the end of the 20’s. Then it is a slow decline that starts to pick up speed around 35. Then the decline is more rapid so that by age 42, more than half of women have permanently lost their opportunity to have children naturally.

It all begins with a free phone consultation. Please contact us for an informative stress-free chat.