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I’ve been getting pregnant but am having trouble keeping the pregnancy

Losing a pregnancy is quite common. About one in six women lose their first pregnancy. As tragic as this is, there is consolation in knowing that the next pregnancy is more likely to bring home a healthy baby than to result in another loss.

But what happens if the next pregnancy is another miscarriage? And the next?

The conventional wisdom taught in medical school is do an extensive investigation for patients who have suffered a THIRD miscarriage. However, it is reasonable to do some preliminary workup even after a second loss.

For patients with something abnormal inside their uterus, like a polyp or fibroid, having a small simple surgery may be all it takes to restore their chances of a healthy pregnancy.

For patients with an autoimmune problem, where their immune system acts confused and attacks their own body, and their own pregnancies, there are ways to address this issue and restore their chances of a healthy pregnancy.

For patients with abnormal blood-clotting issues, taking steps to thin out the blood can restore their chances of a healthy pregnancy.

For patients with an ongoing genetic problem, the solutions are more complicated, but it may be possible to screen their embryos so that only the normal ones are implanted.

For patients with a chronic infection, either in their uterus or in a pocket of inflamed tubal fluid, the solution can be a combination of surgery and/or antibiotics.

For patients with hormonal issues, taking hormonal supplementation or making some major lifestyle changes can greatly increase their chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Bear in mind that patients who get pregnant easily and quickly but constantly miscarry already have a sad situation. The situation is even more serious in patients who take 2-3 years to get pregnant each time and then constantly miscarry.

Call us today so that we can help investigate what actions are best for you. Many solutions can be quite simple.